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Follow our new account @SoyListoApp for you to find new updates about our digital marketplace #Listo where you can easily trade agricultural products. Check out the video below and download the app → soylisto.app

Apoyemos a los campesinos colombianos, hoy nos unimos a la iniciativa #DomingoDePlazaEnCasa Queremos aportar un granito de arena y ofrecerles Listo, un canal de comercialización. Esta app conecta a agricultores con compradores. ¡Échale un ojo!

International Day of Forests

On #InternationalDayOfForests we’re sharing some of the forests found in #Colombia and highlighting the crucial role they play for the welfare of communities. Check out how #farmers registered on #LISTO take care of #forests!

International Women’s Day

Women make an important contribution to #agriculture for food security and household incomes. That’s why on the #LISTO social marketplace, we proactively include women in the design and implementation process. See #infographic for more! #InternationalWomensDay

5 things to share about field testing

What is it like to trial digital tools in small-scale agriculture?

“Will the spotty nature of mobile networks in rural areas impact the performance of the platform?’

‘It was very exciting because we worked hand in hand with producers.’

‘Definitely came away from it with a lot more motivation to continue working.’

Our team recently completed our first beta-testing phase in rural parts of Colombia, namely in Risaralda, Caquetá, and Montes de María. We were often asked questions about our field experience, what challenges we encountered, and what improvements we’d make to our user-centric design process.

What is Listo?

“The goal of the platform is to make it much easier for smallholder farmers and local associations to organise and sell in local markets.’

Be sure to check out the video to find out more:

World Development Information Day

Information and communications technologies have the potential to provide new solutions to development challenges, particularly in the context of globalization, and can foster economic growth, competitiveness, access to information and knowledge, poverty eradication and social inclusion.

UN General Assembly Resolution

#WorldDevelopmentInformationDay aims to spread awareness about technology’s potential to solve social problems.

That is why we want to share some of the key stats about our Listo platform for selling and buying agricultural goods through mobile phones.For instance:

For instance:

  • What’s the gender composition of smallholders in our platform?
  • What key agricultural commodities do the producers grow and sell?
  • What types of mobile phones do they have access to?
  • How do they prefer to receive information on their mobile phones?
Infographic of trading platform for selling and buying of smallholder agricultural goods

Meeting honey growers in the Amazon region

What is it like to work with bees in the Colombian Amazon region? And how do bees contribute to the pollination of crops in our food systems?

We spent some time chatting with honey growers (called apicultores in Spanish) in Caquetá, one of the southern departments of Colombia.

Check out our newest video to find out more (English subtitles available):

Meeting cacao growers in Florencia

During our field trip to Caquetá, we visited small-scale cacao growers (‘cacaoteros‘ in Spanish). Surrounded by a lush green environment, they shared with us how they manage their farms and described the importance of cacao in their communities and their efforts in restoring forests in the Colombian Amazon region.

Find out more in the clip below (English subtitles provided).