Our mission is to improve market access and decision-making in the supply chain for smallholder farmers and buyers.


Farming Data was created to invoke positive changes and improve decision-making in communities around the world using data. A lot of information about informal agricultural markets remains unknown, and we believe that solving issues from the bottom-up is one way to assist policymakers and other organisations to make data-informed decisions. Our model of thinking is to sustainably generate large-scale data on informal markets using tools that are explicitly designed to increase smallholders’ income.

Who we are

Dr Jacqui Poon
Co-founder & Project manager

Jacqui coordinates business and product development and oversees partnership engagement. She holds a doctorate in plant pathology (2016) from the University of Cambridge and has a background in cassava post-harvest deterioration (MSc 2012). She believes that enabling smallholder farmers to access better markets makes a positive impact on their livelihoods.

Dr David Godding
CTO & Co-founder

David manages tech development of our platform and develops algorithms for our data analytics. He holds a PhD in plant epidemiology from the University of Cambridge, where he modelled the spread of cassava diseases.

Alex Diaz
Senior platform developer

Alex develops the Listo app for both Android and iOS using the Flutter SDK. He has a background in Physics (MSci) from Imperial College London.


Octavian Focsa
Software engineer

Octo develops the React-based web app for Listo. He has a background in Physics (MSci) from Imperial College London.

Deisy Martínez
Marketing specialist

Deisy manages the marketing and outreach activities for the Listo platform in Colombia. She has a Msc in Marketing from OBS Business School.

Paola Daza
Strategy consultant

Paola advises us on the optimal strategy for the deployment of the Listo platform in rural areas in Colombia, bringing an understanding of the needs of end users and the capacity of local stakeholders. She has a BSc in Psychology and 6 years corporate experience in Colombia.

Andrea Lugo
Operations manager

Andrea manages operations activities in Colombia, including engagements with producer groups, buyers, and partner organisations. She is a Professional in Modern Languages with fluency in Spanish, English, French, and Italian. She is also passionate about translation.

Dr Greg Wilsenach
Software engineer and Business coordinator

Greg began working at the company as a software engineer, product designer, and business coordinator. He now helps coordinate with partners in the UK and Europe. He holds a master’s degree in mathematics and a PhD in mathematical logic both from the University of Cambridge.

Our advisors

Dr Lara Allen
CEO of the Centre for Global Equality
Director of Implementation and Impact for Cambridge Global Challenges

The Centre for Global Equality is a Cambridge-based civil society organisation that evolves innovative solutions to global challenges by facilitating collaborations between academic researchers, businesses, governments and under-resourced communities in low- and middle-income countries. Lara Allen is also an Affiliated Lecturer of the Centre of Development Studies at University of Cambridge, and Director of the Cambridge Inclusive Innovation Hub, which enables innovation with and for the world’s rising billions.

Prof Chris Gilligan
Head of Epidemiology and Modelling Group
University of Cambridge

Dr Lisa Curtis

Our partners and supporters

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